Mark Levinson

  • Introducing the new No515 Turntable from Mark Levinson

    The first ever turntable from Mark Levinson celebrates the 45th Anniversary of the brand. At CES in Las Vegas, Mark Levinson by HARMAN  introduced the No 515 Turntable, designed for the discriminating analog music lover. Designed and built in partnership with industry-leader VPI Industries, the No 515 Turntable is handcrafted in the USA, and is […]

  • Mark Levinson No.585 Review in Hi Fi+

    The June 2016 edition of Hi Fi+ magazine has a glowing review of the No.585 Integrated Amplifier. Roy Gregory sums up the review with the following comments “Once again, Levinson has set the high-end integrated benchmark. One amp to live with, in sickness and in health? Right now, the 585 is it!” We at HFX […]

  • Mark Levinson No.585 Review by High Fidelity in Poland

    Here is another great review of the Mark Levinson No.585 integrated amplifier. This review was published by High Fidelity on 17th April 2015.   Some highlights from the review; – No matter what we say, notice or miss to see, the №585 amplifier is already a classic. – It is an exceptionally valuable offer from […]

  • Outstanding Mark Levinson 585 Review in Hi-Fi News

    The Mark Levinson No.585 has just been reviewed by Hi-Fi news & Record Review in the UK, and we are excited to report that it received an “Outstanding Product” award! Hi-Fi news are renowned for their accurate and honest lab tests. These tests are conducted by Paul Miller who has years of experience of analyzing […]

  • New Mark Levinson Videos

    Over forty years ago, Mark Levinson embarked on a mission: to perfectly reproduce original recordings that sound exactly as the artists intended during their initial performances. For those with meticulous and exacting standards, there’s no better way to experience music. The Mark Levinson brand has become synonymous with extraordinary levels of audio performance and has […]