May 2015

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  • Stereophile Reviews Sigma Series SSP and AMP5

    The first of the North American Sigma series reviews is now in print and—spoiler alert—it is fantastic. We see it as a validation of the design decisions made, mixed with praise for the outstanding performance of these components. As you know, we have designed the SSP as a high-end stereo preamp for the music lover. […]

  • Mark Levinson No.585 Review by High Fidelity in Poland

    Here is another great review of the Mark Levinson No.585 integrated amplifier. This review was published by High Fidelity on 17th April 2015.   Some highlights from the review; – No matter what we say, notice or miss to see, the №585 amplifier is already a classic. – It is an exceptionally valuable offer from […]

  • HFX Systems Mothers Day Gift Guide

    In celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday 10 May we have specially curated a list for all the Moms! Put your feet up and listen to your favourite music this Mothers Day. There’s bound to be something in our HFX Gift Guide to suit every taste. View the link below for more information.