June 2016

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  • Mark Levinson No.585 Review in Hi Fi+

    The June 2016 edition of Hi Fi+ magazine has a glowing review of the No.585 Integrated Amplifier. Roy Gregory sums up the review with the following comments “Once again, Levinson has set the high-end integrated benchmark. One amp to live with, in sickness and in health? Right now, the 585 is it!” We at HFX […]

  • HFX Systems brings you some Top Reviews

    HFX Systems brings you some Top Reviews  802 D3: The long awaited 802 D3 review by Stereophile Magazine is on the stands. An excellent review on all counts with the conclusion stating, “Their commitment to completely reimagine, reengineer, and redesign the 800 series has resulted in a loudspeaker that carries on the family resemblance while being […]