February 2018

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  • Stereonet reviews the MA8900 Integrated Amplifier.

    STEREONET REVIEWS THE “MARVELOUS” MA8900 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER Peter Familari of the Australian based StereoNET has reviewed the 200 Watts per channel MA8900 Integrated Amplifier. His test system was comprised of a turntable, CD player, a MacBook Pro with Tidal and a variety of speakers. Familari says that from the get-go, the MA8900 drove his Wilson “Sasha speakers with […]

  • Marantz 10 Series reviews

    The release of the Marantz PM10 Integrated Amplifier and SA10 CD player has been very well received within the market and has been awarded with great reviews and awards. It is the flagship models in the Integrated Stereo Amplifier and High end CD player ranges of Marantz. Here is an over of just some of […]