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  1. Classe Sigma Series

There is a consistent theme of praise for the performance, ergonomics and solid operation of the Sigma SSP, AMP2 and AMP5.

From Classé –

In its April/May issue, TED, the Québec Audio & Video magazine reviewed the SSP and AMP2 with the article titled, “If you love music, you have to listen to Classé.” And for the last sentence of the conclusion, reviewer Adrien Rouah says: “This Sigma system is a huge achievement which everyone must absolutely discover.” Wow.

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Down Under, Audio Esoterica’s Stephen Dawson reviews the complete Sigma stack. His conclusion says: “Oh my, what a wonderful system Classé has provided with the Sigma range. It shows that audiophile sound is not the sole preserve of stereo and equally that it is not incompatible with reliable and convenient operation.” Perfect!

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In Sweden, HemmaBio has just published an entertaining review by Ludwig Swanberg. He variously describes his listening experiences with lines like “… a meaty and big sound that makes me think of giant blue whales that effortlessly escort you to the deepest depths” and after watching an action movie, “The effect of the seven equally powered outs of the two Classé amplifiers is as effective as an hour on the massage bench. Your bones feel like they have been shaken loose from your body’s meat and muscles. The feeling is strange as well as comfortable” And in his conclusion, there is affirmation of the Sigma series achieving its primary objective: “But most impressive is the sound quality. This is real high-end at a price that must be considered reasonable. And the step up from the traditional home cinema receivers is nothing but huge.” Yes! That’s what we like to hear.

Please click here to view the full review. has been putting the Sigma SSP and AMP5 through their paces and reviewer Theo Nicolakis came away truly impressed. When describing the flexibility of the SSP, he says:  “It combines the flexibility of Swiss Army knife with the precision of a surgeon’s tool in an easy-to-use package.   There’s simply not enough room here to even pretend to detail what you can do with this processor.  It’s just awesome.”

And when it came to listening tests, Theo said that “Regardless of which speaker system I paired the Classé units with, the Sigma SSP and AMP5 were exceptional performers on all counts.”

“From the first listen, I felt as though there was something instantaneously remarkable about these Classé electronics.  The soundstage just opened up. The amplifier was noticeably free of the analytical sound I’ve previously experienced with Class D amps.  In fact, it struck me that the AMP5 was the first Class D-based amplifier that made me forget I was listening to a Class D amplifier—it sounded like a Class AB amplifier.  No matter what I played, the sound was always clean, smooth, and sounded great from top to bottom.” What more could we say?

This is a thorough and thoughtful review that is overflowing with the kinds of things a potential buyer might want to know.

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HFX Systems  is very impressed with the Sigma Series – stay tuned, there are more reviews of these exciting Sigma series models to come.

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