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The mere mention of the Sonus Faber’s name immediately attracts attention, and not without reason. This is one of the most recognized manufacturers of high-end speakers and – at the same time – one of the first major companies that have decided to go beyond the audio market and turn tu artists, architects, even people from the fashion world. Surely it would not be so successful if the Italian speakers were just ordinary, angular boxes with drivers. For many years, Sonus Faber has been setting standards and creating fashion copied by others. Sleek lines described by the designers as the ‘shape of the lute’ inspired many other designers, but the performance was difficult to forge. Italians remain faithful to natural materials and rely on everything that is beautiful, exclusive and – what can I say – expensive. In addition, they show photographs illustrating different stages of production, from covering the leather, polishing wooden boards to grinding metal decorative elements. They do not launch new models during the exhibitions, but rather in amphitheaters. Their speakers can be found not only in music lovers’ homes but also in museums and art galleries, as well as in exclusive cars like Pagani Huayra.

When we heard that Sonus Faber is working on headphones, we already knew it will not be an ordinary product. Over time, some leaks (probably controlled) started to appear on the Internet. First images, first press shows, and finally we saw one of the first pairs during a press conference in Warsaw. The headphones were presented to us by Luca Vernacci, representing Fine Sounds Group, but due to the schedule of the event there was not much time to have a second look. That is why right after the press conference we got them for a review, as one of the first magazines in the world.

Prima 4

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Sonus Faber – available from HFX Systems

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