Making of the new 800 Series Diamond

        Here is a behind the scenes look at the Bowers & Wilkins factory in Worthing UK, to see just how the new 800 Series Diamond is made. We followed one of the first 803 D3’s from start to finish along the line, to give you an idea of just how much effort goes into making such a fabulous loudspeaker.

        The new 800 Series Diamond is the best sounding loudspeaker range Bowers & Wilkins has ever made. To achieve this acoustic performance together with reaching a new standard of build quality we developed a number of key new technologies and had to completely re-invent our manufacturing process. Some 300 new fixtures were required in the factory, along with significant investment in new equipment and staff training.

        The result is, as you can see, a highly considered mixture of automated process and skilled craftsmanship. And as you can hear at your local Hi-Fi dealer, the result sounds even better than it looks.

        The video takes a little over three minutes, but in reality an 803 D3 takes well over a month from start to finish, including four weeks drying time before polishing can begin.

        Find out more about the 800 Series Diamond here.

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