Get your own custom designed theatre room.

Theatre Design

HFX Systems currently employs 6 CEDIA accredited professional installers, 3 certified system designers and 2 system project managers. CEDIA certified professionals are a select group; they are proven experts who are committed to a higher standard of workmanship. Using a CEDIA Certified professional gives you peace of mind and the finest in custom designed installation. Each CEDIA professional heads up their own installation team and by regularly attending CEDIA courses locally and internationally, they maintain their international accreditation and certification.

Peter von Graszouw

Peter von Graszouw heads our home theatre, home cinema, media room and project design department. Peter is our go-to-guy concerning all the design aspects of our projects including setting out the optimal conduit routing and layout. His expertise includes theatre, cabinet and media room designing and planning.With the help of some really sophisticated PC software, he can create some really life-like 3D renderings, giving you an insight as to what your final result will be like. There are many aspects to this design-work and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

System Design

HFX Systems has many years of experience in design from Theatre Rooms, Multi-Room Systems, Automation, home networking and Boardroom applications.

Media Room Design

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Home Automation

Technology is forever changing and HFX do their best to deliver the newest in technology and informing people about the world of automation. Automating a house can entail controlling things like Lighting, Under-floor heating, Air Conditioning, Irrigation, Audio Video, and Alarms just to name a few. The user interface can take place via a button panel on the wall, a Touch panel or even a phone or tablet.

Conduit Routing

Infrastructure plays an important role in getting everything into position, that’s why HFX Systems submits drawings to builders and electricians to indicate the requirements as per the clients instruction. Although this is one of the simpler things to do in the project, it is also the most important as it will help future proof your home as regards to routing of cabling to various areas in the home.

Cabinet Design

HFX has subcontractors that we have close relationships with, regarding cabinet design making them both functional from an installation point of view as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We also work with interior designers to achieve the best possible results and keeping up with the latest industry trends.

Theatre Design

HFX Systems has a super team of designers and installers with many years of experience in Theatre Design. We offer a turnkey solution from equipment to carpentry. We assist in all size projects from Entry level to High-end.