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Who We Are

Since it’s inception in 1989 Hi-Fi Excellence had one vision, which was to be a specialist supplier of quality high performance audio equipment that is internationally recognized irrespective of price. During the nineties the playing field saw the arrival of picture and surround sound.

We embraced this to enhance the experience for our clients applying our strict standards for meeting our performance requirements. Early 2000 saw more players entering our hi-fi world , the i-Pod arrived and nothing has been the same since, (not even our name as it morphed into HFX Systems to reflect more accurately what we do) with it the PC or more specifically various media servers made an entry and the word ‘Automation’ got one and all interested.

25 years later HFX Systems operates as a specialist systems integrator of Audio Visual and Automation equipment for both domestic and corporate clients. We have and are still doing work for clients as diverse as Presidents and Kings of the Southern Africa Region, CEO’s of International Companies in their personal and official capacities.

For celebrities and ordinary citizens get the same treatment as we do not discriminate / differentiate on status. We only aim to deliver a performance project which satisfies the end user.