MC Anna Diamond

By Michael Fremer - Stereophile

Spectacular Sonic Performance!

“From top to bottom, the Anna D is as tonally balanced neutral-sounding as any I’ve heard, and where appropriate, it can sound warm, sweet, and fully fleshed out harmonically.

The MC Anna Diamond is a cartridge for all musical genres. Its fequency balance is as neutral as I’ve heard. Its dynamic expression at the micro and macro levels  (and inbetween) left nothing on the table, and its response at the frequency extremes was fully articulated. It could be raunchy when required, or silky smooth and refined. It never left me wishing for more or less of anything, whether i was playing symphonic music, jazz combos, female vocals, or ’90s-ers grunge.

There are 10-carat pretenders and 10-carate stars. The MC Anna Diamond is a star”


By HiFi News

Almost supernatural soundstaging is at the root of its appeal

“Possessing a sound that can take your breath away, this beautifully engineered and built special MC cartridge can lay claim to being one of the best cartridges ever made.”

MC Quintet Blue

What HiFi Awards

Ortofon have won a Best Buy prize of this year’s What HiFi Awards : the MC Quintet Blue is the Best Cartridge over £150.

An Ortofon Treasure Trove

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