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Bowers & Wilkins LCR60 S3 – Centre Speaker

The Bowers & Wilkins LCR60 is the smaller of the two LCR models in the range. The twin 130mm drivers allow the Bowers & Wilkins LCR60 S3 to match the output capability of the smaller models in the range – DM600 S3, DM601 S3, DM602 S3 and DM602.5 S3 – for which it is the recommended centre speaker. Alternatively, the LCR60 S3 can be used in all front and surround positions of a home theatre for a perfectly matched installation.

Colour : Calvados
Condition : Good
No box or accessories.

SKU: 2032 Category: Pre-owned
SKU: 2032 Category: Pre-owned


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