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Klipsch The Fives McLaren Edition

The Fives McLaren Edition take the highly regarded, best-selling The Fives powered monitors
and up the ante of performance and design. An all-new supercharged high resolution amplifier
powers a meticulously engineered carbon fiber woofer, all in an ultra-premium the hand painted
super matte black cabinet. The first and only powered monitors worthy of both the Klipsch and
McLaren names.
Just like today’s envelope pushing F1 cars, The Fives McLaren Edition utilize the steely tensile
strength and ultra-low mass of carbon fiber material for enhanced performance. Klipsch
engineers designed the high-excursion carbon fiber woofer cone from scratch to ensure
maximum output with minimal cone break up – for detailed, deep, and dynamic bass.
Using HDMI-ARC, enjoy The Fives McLaren Edition with your TV with no additional cables or
remotes using the included HDMI cable.
The Fives McLaren Edition powered monitors deliver room-filling sound without taking up much
space thanks to a built-in amplifier that is custom-engineered for these high-performance
speakers, maximizing output and sound quality
The Fives McLaren Edition incorporate individual ultra-low noise amplifiers that are custom
designed to maximize system performance and eliminate the need for external amplification.
World-class Klipsch engineers picked and tuned the components to be an absolute perfect
match throughout, making the system sound incredibly immersive and complete. The Fives
McLaren Edition are also bi-amped resulting in improved clarity and output.

Condition : Like New, Demo Stock
Colour : Matte Black
Fully Boxed with all accessories

Category: Demo stock
Category: Demo stock


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