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PS Audio Perfectwave AC12 Power Cable 1.5M

The PerfectWave AC12 is the best sounding power cable in the PerfectWave line. Use it to power any product you wish to help maximize its full performance benefits.
Getting the power from the wall receptacle to your equipment without added noise and flow restriction is crucial when building a high-performance system. Stock power cables constrict or compress the audio transient as their characteristic impedance restricts the transient current. To get the most out of your system’s performance, you must rely upon specially constructed power cables that focus on peak energy delivery and superior shielding. The AC12 is our finest AC power cable providing an ultra low noise, ultra low impedance path for the AC power to connect your equipment to either a Power Plant AC Regenerator or the wall outlet in your home. Improvements to both audio and video performance are dramatic and immediate.

Condition : Good
Length : 1.5m
Colour : Black

SKU: 2058 Category: Pre-owned
SKU: 2058 Category: Pre-owned


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