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SpreadSpectrum Technologies Ambrosia 2000 Pre-Amp

Four completely separate sets of transformer windings to power the four main preamp sections: moving coil, moving magnet, line, and display control. An additional 15 independent power supply regulators work in concert to eliminate ground loops and power supply noise. Optional phonostage: RIAA equalized, completely separate circuits for both MC and MM cartridge sources. Each circuit has its own set of direct outputs which bypass the internal switching and each has a dedicated user-selectable low cut filter.

Highly configurable, sophisticated Menu system to tailor virtually every parameter of Ambrosia’s robust feature set to your satisfaction.

A total of nine pairs of inputs: Three main inputs (CD, TUN, AUX) Two tape loop inputs (Optional) phonostage inputs, one each for MM and MC One combination XLR jack that can be used balanced or unbalanced Home Theater Bypass input

Outputs: Two pairs unbalanced and two pairs balanced. Two headphone output jacks on the front panel powered by a unique, balanced power buffer idling at 4.5 watts per channel, capable of driving virtually any pair of headphones. The top output is a “switched” output: while in use, the Ambrosia will mute the line output to the connected amplifier. Fully balanced design with a sophisticated circuit that generates almost no distortion. Moreover, all of the distortion by-products in the Ambrosia come only from the passive switches and volume control, which are virtually inaudible.

Highly customizable bass and treble controls. 14 gauge robust powder coated steel chassis and anodized aluminum front panel.

Large, easy-to-read front LED display. Custom, solid aluminum remote control allows for all of the functionality available on the front panel.

SPECIFICATIONS Input Gain Phono: MC 64dB, 58dB, 52dB selectable gain; MM 42dB Line: 20dB (or 5.5dB with internal jumper) Tone Controls ± 12dB nominal Turnover points: Bass 200, 300, 400, 500Hz nominal; Treble 2kHz, 3kHz, 4kHz, 5kHz nominal Maximum Output 10V RMS unbalanced; 20V RMS balanced Output Impedance 60Ω, all outputs Input Impedance 100kΩ balanced, 29kΩ unbalanced Headphone Output 1Ω output; power 475mA (300Ω) Noise MC: 70µV, (32µV with 400Hz–20kHz filter) at -0dB (max) gain setting MM: 45µV, (20µV with 400Hz–20kHz filter) Linestage: 10µV (Awt) THD .004% max inputs to main outputs @ 2V RMS output Frequency Response MC/MM Phono: ± 0.6dB max deviation (5mV in, RIAA Equalized, 20Hz–20kHz) Linestage: ± 0.25dB max deviation (20Hz–20kHz) Dimensions 14 ¾” L x 17½” W x 7″ H Weight 50 lbs.

Condition : Excellent

Colour : Grey/Blue

Unit is Fully boxed.

Category: Demo stock, Preamp
Category: Demo stock, Preamp


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