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Theta DS Pro Prime D/A Processor

Theta’s design team tried this new technology in high-performance designs and found it smooth sounding but lacking in aliveness, dynamics and bass. They envisioned one-bit technology as a palliative for less expensive products. Most inexpensive CD players and outboard D to A converters sounded shrill and harsh.

The smoothness of the one-bit D to A could be implemented to reduce “glare” and other irritating characteristics, to bring new musicality to otherwise unacceptable components. It meant Theta had something to offer in a price realm previously thought hopelessly compromised.

The DS Pro Prime was introduced in May of 1991. The Prime was similar to the Basic in construction, different in circuit design. It had a single circuit board which contained the power supply, digital and analog sections. The digital section employed a single Motorola 56001 microprocessor running at 30 MHz.


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SKU: 2236 Category: Pre-owned
SKU: 2236 Category: Pre-owned


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