Have a look at some of the Residential projects we have done.


At HFX Systems, our aim for residential clients is to deliver the ultimate experience in entertainment electronics for their home. We show clients the many ways that home electronics can enhance their lifestyle. From home theatre and music systems that make homes more enjoyable to automation and lighting control systems that make homes easier to manage. We offer the best products available and work closely with our clients, building relationships and friendships that often last for decades. We also design both amazingly affordable and award-winning ‘best-in-class’ systems that have clients wondering how they ever lived without them before. We welcome your enquiry and look forward to fulfilling your requirements and exceeding your expectations.


Finished Cinema Rooms

JBL L100

McIntosh high-end audio and home theatre systems.

Music Room

Pretoria Games Room

Pretoria Modern Cinema

Residential Home

Vicoustic – Multifuser DC2

AVM, JBL & B&W compact solution

More cinema rooms

HFX News 12/03/2021

Today marks the end of an era with HFX Systems announcing the successful conclusion of a sale agreement with Homemation for the distribution of their

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McIntosh MAC7200

“Its power, resolution, dynamics, and transparency are among the best I’ve heard.” Similar to our integrated amplifiers in that it delivers 200 Watts per channel

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