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Shunyata Hydra Triton & Typhon

Power-Conditioning System

The Shunyata Research Triton is the top model in the company’s third generation of Hydra power distributors. It sends electricity from a single wall outlet to eight sockets (ten in 240VAC units) using a buss system that Shunyata claims is capable of supporting the current demand of virtually any audio system. The Triton is an entirely passive device that also provides its client component with noise suppression and surge protection.

The Typhon is an entirely new product for Shunyata: a power distributor add-on that contains no active circuitry and attaches in parallel to the Triton via a short umbilical. The Typhon augments the Triton’s noise-suppression function, acting as an additional sink for draining away high-frequency noise in the form of EMI and RFI riding on electric current before components pull it into their power supplies and turn it into a noisy audio signal.

Condition : Good On Both Units
Umbilical Cord Included
No Box for Both Units

SKU: 1863 Category: Pre-owned
SKU: 1863 Category: Pre-owned


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