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Shunyata Research Python Helix CX Power Cable

Python CX dispenses with all electronic artifacts, perceived noise and dynamic compression, leaving the most natural and uncolored vista from which to experience sound and music at its best. Python CX’s performance gains are so dramatic, so obvious, that even the industry’s most hardened skeptics have heard the profound difference Python CX will make in literally any system.

Every facet of Python CX’s design has been optimized through a decade of research, exclusive parts development and definable science. Python CX uses 280 of Shunyata’s own CDA 101 copper conductors, wound into a dual counter rotating Helix geometry. This complex and gorgeous geometry forms a massive 9 gauge aggregate cable, capable of delivering over 30 amps of current to even the most current hungry amplifier or powered speaker.

Condition : 10/10 , Excellent
Cable Is Boxed
Terminations : Shunyatas Own High Current C-19 & American plug.

Category: Pre-owned
Category: Pre-owned


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