Sonus Faber has revealed the Sonetto G2 range of speakers at High End Munich 2024. The second generation of one of the Italian brand’s entry-level series (after the Lumina Amator), the Sonetto G2 is a seven-strong line up with two standmount speakers, three floorstanders, a centre channel and a wall-mounted speaker.

‘Entry-level’ is relative of course, but considering Sonus Faber revealed the $50,000 / £45,000 Stradivari speakers last Munich, the Sonetto G2’s price range (from £1150 / $1499 to £7000 / $7999) is fairly modest for this high-end brand.

More excitingly, Sonetto G2 is the first full speaker range to incorporate the new driver technologies and materials used in the flagship, exquisite £/$700,000 Suprema speaker system. Unveiled earlier this year, Suprema is the pinnacle of what Sonus Faber believes it can currently accomplish in acoustic and speaker design using new technology and cutting-edge materials combined with the brand’s 40 years of expertise.

Firstly, the top two Sonetto V and VIII floorstanders feature the new internal cork chamber introduced in the Suprema system. The entirely organic shape of this chamber is unlike regular interior speaker walls and allows for a “seamless flow of sound waves within the chamber” and lets Sonus Faber have more precise control over “sound propagation and resonance”.

Both these floor standers and the centre channel feature the new Camelia midrange driver, also derived from Suprema, that is left unpainted for “sound purity” and has an organic “basket” shape (for reference, it’s the white cone in the images above). It has an aluminium phase plug that helps to achieve a smoother frequency response and clear sound delivery no matter where you’re sitting in relation to the speaker.

There are unique floral patterns surrounding the woofer/bass drivers that are there not just for decoration, but also are claimed to reduce interference. The tweeter used throughout the speaker range is Sonus Faber’s own Silk Dome DAD (Damped Apex Dome), which claims to reveal the “finest nuances” and “exceptional clarity and detail in sound reproduction”.

The Sonetto I and II standmount models feature the clever “Intono” internal duct/pressure technology seen in the premium Amati and Serafino Homage speakers, which combines the advantages of sealed and ported cabinets to prevent unwanted impedance spikes and loss of output from the midrange, all for a more efficient system and better overall sound. Apart from the wall-mounted model that is a sealed box design, all new models feature an optimised reflex duct design in various orientations.

Like many Sonus Faber speakers, the Sonetto G2 are inspired by musical instruments and in this case, it’s the iconic “lute shape” which not only looks good but also helps disperse sound. All speakers in this range feature a new concrete base, which offers stability and better vibration management. The brand has paid special attention to the wood finish of the speakers’ cabinets, highlighting the natural wood grain texture to deliver a high-quality, organic design that’s lovely to look at and touch.

The full Sonetto G2 range is as follows:

– Sonetto I G2 two-way bookshelf
– Sonetto II G2 two-way bookshelf
– Sonetto III G2 2.5-way floorstander
– Sonetto V G2 three-way floorstander
– Sonetto VIII G2 three-way floorstander
– Sonetto Center G2
– Sonetto Wall G2
– Sonetto G2 stand (for I and II models)

The Sonus Faber Sonetto G2 speakers will be available from July 2024 in three finishes: walnut, wenge and piano black.