The Beautiful Wilson Audio Sasha V & Alexia V Loudspeakers will be arriving to HFX Systems demo room In October 2023.

What to expect?

Wilson Audio Sasha V – Sasha V combines the essence of its predecessors while combining the most effective elements developed for its larger siblings. Sasha V has strategically nested V-Material in the critical interface between the upper module and the top of the woofer cabinet. Novel in its properties, this material provides uncommon vibration control and upper module isolation, similar to the design philosophy found in the prestigious Alexx V and Alexia V. The Sasha V also features a vast range of hardware upgrades, including the bespoke Wilson Audio multi-connector binding posts with modified knurling for a cleaner signal path. Installation choices are wider with the choice of either spade or banana plug speaker cables.
Made from the purest conducive metallurgies, Wilson Audio multi-connector binding posts ensure robust connection stability and are audibly more refined than plastic binding posts commonly found on loudspeakers.
The Sasha V resistor mounting hardware has been improved. This sleek carbon fiber back plate and aluminum framed glass cover, similar to Alexia V, now has tool-free, quick-release knurled thumbscrews for the tweeter and midrange resistors which facilitate simple servicing.
Looking at the back of the woofer top plate you see a flush mounted bubble level which gives a quick and reliable leveling system for better installation.

Wilson Audio Alexia V – The third iteration of the Alexia model introduced in 2012, sits in the middle of the Wilson floorstander line, with the Alexx V, Chronosonic XVX, and the mighty, limited-edition WAMM Master Chronosonic above it. The Alexia V incorporates 30 upgrades of various importance. New drivers, strategic use of the new V-Material, improved capacitors, custom-made cables, improved connectors, a new spike system, new enclosures with different dimensions and characteristics, and a new, more accurate alignment mechanism. Other upgrades include pressure-release cutouts in the woofer blades and what Wilson describes as “a more organic design flow from the woofer up to the midrange,” made possible by the tighter build tolerances enabled by the company’s new CNC machine.

Get ready to experience these two models in person at HFX Systems In October.