Sonus Faber Unveiled Suprema System at Vicenza Jazz Festival

On Sunday, May 19th, on the stage of the Sala del Ridotto of Teatro Comunale in Vicenza, Sonus Faber unveiled the Suprema system to the European audience.

Suprema is certainly the most ambitious project achieved to date and reflecting the pinnacle of Sonus faber’s audio engineering. Building on a legacy of artisanal design and a relentless pursuit of perfection, Suprema honors the 40th anniversary of a brand dedicated to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence.

Suprema consists of a sophisticated four-column system-two main columns and two subwo subwoofers-and an external electronic crossover. This new design was pioneered by Sonus faber’s engineering team to improve acoustic performance to new heights.

Journalist Matteo Bordone, along with Livio Cucuzza (Sonus faber’s Chief Design Officer), took the audience on a journey through the timeless classics of jazz discography.



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Sonus faber Unveiled Suprema System at Vicenza Jazz Festival