After nearly a century in the speaker business, there’s something else JBL is often associated with – horn-loaded compression drivers. All the brand’s premium loudspeakers use a variation on this approach, from the gargantuan flagship Summit series with horn-loaded mid and tweeters, down to its more domestically friendly HDI and Studio 6 Series where JBL’s High-Definition Imaging (HDI) waveguide technology graces the high-frequency drivers.

The Stage Series sees JBL bringing its HDI technology down to an affordable entry-level range. All seven passive models use a lin aluminium dome tweeter paired with an acoustic lens and HDI waveguide for, it’s claimed, a smoother high-frequency response and improved directivity. Mid-range and lower frequencies are handled by polycellulose ribbed drivers, with a white cone finish intended to echo previous JBL designs.

Overall, JBL’s Stage Series is a superb entry-level proposition. There’s an energy to the performance that sounds cinematic, even while the delivery is well focused and deep bass nicely integrated. Build quality is impressive for the price point, too, making this 5.7pack ideal for anyone looking to build a high-class soundstage on a budget.

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